The Unity Certified 3D Artist Specialization. A course path to success

This certification is a comprehensive survey of the tools, methods and skills you will need to work for companies like mine and game developers worldwide. I highly recommend it. In fact I am working on my first course this week and hope to achieve the certificate before the end of 2018.


Coursera HD7W97KK4H59

It’s not just a challenging requirement. It is also a lot of fun!


An Invitation to Innovate

Opportunities like this are quite rare. Store No 8 presents Innov8: V-commerce It is a challenge to the virtual reality developer community.

Let’s take that challenge. Think up a new way to shop. A new way to engage in commerce. You don’t have to be a member of the virtual reality developer community. If you know how to shop then you’ve probably thought to yourself that there has to be a better way than just cataloging with Amazon and E-Bay.

Send me your ideas and I will build the prototype in Unity with 3D models created in 3DS Max or Maya. If you can dream it, I can show it off and enter it into this challenge.

For more info on the challenge visit this page “Ignite the Change that Changes Everything

Remember there are no bad ideas. There are however sad ideas. Those are the ones we dream up and never do anything about.

The Amazing World Inside a Kid’s Head When Playing Minecraft

I recently presented Minecraft: Education Edition to about 42 children of various ages. Third graders to grade eight. This was a STEAM event at the HP facilities in Albuquerque, NM. My objective was to ease these groups into learning how to program using Minecraft. I introduced each child to Make Code (by Microsoft), Tynker and Scratch via a new module for Minecraft: Education Edition called Code Connection.

So what did I learn? I found out that coding (with the aid of those 3 code platforms) was easy, intuitive and when they saw that they could create 1,000 chickens that dropped from the sky, with three blocks of code, the nature of their relationship to the game completely changed. Some kids thought about 1,000 blocks of TNT and others focused on examples where complex construction of buildings and earth moving projects could now execute instantly with the help of coding agents in the various platforms.

I have hesitated up until now in making the statement that all kids can code or will be comfortable with code. Tynker, Scratch and Make Code, plus 1,000 chickens have changed my mind.

Given the right tools this generation of children will easily change their own world as easily as our generation has tried to document it’s history and status. If they choose to build a positive existence in a game like Minecraft today, perhaps they can save what we have knowingly destroyed and to do so without the conflict and blatant stupidity that we have allowed to control and endanger the future that is theirs.

VR in China — an interesting YouTube vid found by Kevin Burke

My most trusted Virtual Reality market analyst, Kevin Burke forwarded this YouTube video of a very interesting in country discussion on why VR may be booming bigger in China than at the point of inception here in these United States.

This is very much worth a listen and a view (albeit a view from two motorcycles).

I may not fully agree that VR is weakening here in the US as much as the two gents in the video seem to believe. But an understanding of where the money flows is certain to determine where growth germinates and can sometimes drive a recycle type of competitive acceleration.

In my view China’s boost simply provides stabilization of a real market versus a trend based blip. It proves faulty that there is a reason to abandon what is perceived as a lagging market.