Siggraph 2012 you can’t beat Fresh technology

Working the NVIDIA booth as their Adobe Software demo artist, I took a few laps around the floor during my lunch break and early each morning before the show started. The most exciting development in Computer Graphics that I found was right under my mouse. My demo station was showing off NVIDIA’s Cloud Computing concept they call NVIDIA VGX.

A virtual desktop from a virtual machine is not something one anticipates as having robust near real time performance. Especially when you’re tasked to demo Adobe’s video editing applications running from the Cloud. Well I am happy to report that it not only worked seamlessly for the three days that I put it through it’s paces — conceptually it is sound and wide open to many market arena’s it wasn’t even designed for.

A little Apple MacBook Air running Windows 7 with After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop crushing HD footage all at the same time.

I’m not planning on hosting any virtual rendering as a service web sites or game zones that can’t reach 60 fps, however, I do see many advantages in having a thin client (in this demo a MacBook Air) floating Windows 7 and crushing processes of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe SpeedGrade all sourced with HD format footage and images at the same time without crashing within the 25 hours of allotted run time.

The specs:

Suffice it to say, it works. And it was a blast making it work.

MacBook Air running NVIDIA VGX
GPU acceleration and good ol’ Mercury Playback Engine enhance the flow.


Game Maniacs come see ME! at Siggraph 2012

Locate the right NVIDIA booth and there you will find a pot-of-gold full of GPU accelerated demos for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. I will be demoing (for Adobe hosted at NVIDIA) some fancy examples of OptiX accelerated ray tracing using the new 3D Advanced Composition setting for Ray Traced 3D comps in AE.

Also, I’m showing off the latest GPU accelerated Mercury Playback Engine featured effects in Adobe Premiere like 3 Way Color Correcting, Warp Stabilizing and uninterrupted multicamera playback.

I’m demoing all the eye-candy Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications on a soft and cushiony MAXIMUS layer of code that seamlessly manages your apps with your monster hardware.

My demo hardware you ask? Only the best in Quad SLI. Quadros, Teslas, GPU dedication that drips like honey into your work a day world and makes getting that cup of tea a more leisurely pursuit. When you get back your virtual world will be sparkling and ready for the next big structure.

More Protective Gear for Land and Sea courtesy of the folks at NVIDIA and Adobe.

See you there. August 7, 8 and 9. Los Angeles Convention Center.