Looking forward to Unity Certification programs coming this fall

Here in the trenches, it is sometimes difficult to find Unity developers that are qualified to handle a professional class project. It is sort of like the world of Photoshop users. Everyone is an expert at Adobe Photoshop. If you open a photo from your phone and make it brighter and more saturated, that seems to be enough to conince a job seeker to add it to the list of applications included in their “technical skills”.

Unity is starting to feel that way. When I approached a few user groups to find developers to help build a functioning jet engine test cell for deployment in one of our flight school applications, I discovered modelers who could build great looking engines and a few actual C# coders that could write calls to a state machine and thereby make an Animation Controller function as the control panel an operator would need in a real world test engine cell.

That is exactly why I am excited about Unity’s certification testing program coming in the fall. If you plan to get certified and you want to work on real projects for real industrial level clients then join me in becoming certified in Unity when the first exams roll out. I will look forward to seeing you there.

For more info visit this page at Unity; http://certification.unity.com/

Good Luck – Foster J